We specialise in the verification of electricity meters and metering test equipment.

UMVS specialises in accuracy testing electricity meters and metering test equipment for use in the Australian energy market. The laboratory is situated in Cleveland in Redlands City in Southeast Queensland Australia. All the laboratory testing processes are traceable to the National Measurement Institute (NMI).

We proudly offer the lowest production test uncertainty for testing electricity utility meters to NITP-14 available in Australia.

UMVS are accredited by NATA (Accreditation Number: 20883) to calibrate electricity meters for Wh and Varh and are appointed as a Utility Meter Verifier by the National Measurment Institute.

We also offer refurbishment services for meters that have been removed from service before the end of their useful life.

This service typically involves:

  • Cleaning the equipment and removing any unwanted stickers
  • Accuracy testing the meters to ensure they are within specification
  • Confirming to operation of communications equipment installed in the meters
  • Updating the meter software and configuration to the customers specifications
  • Repackaging and labeling the meters ready for dispatch back into service